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Unique Design Features



PCA Hybrid is designed around two instructional models that provide an environment for students to be very proactively involved in the learning process. Our school is a hybrid of Blended Learning and Project-Based Learning. In addition, these instructional platforms are incorporated within a three day a week school classroom schedule and include a two day per week “satellite classroom” learning design.

The satellite learning days may be at home or at other locations that allow for continual learning to take place on the two days students are continuing to work outside our PCA Plano Campus. This well-designed, high quality instructional model allows students/families to have additional flexibility for their educational experience and overall family schedule. Teachers provide academic activities during satellite learning days that are integrated into overall learning objectives. Parents or a designee provide age appropriate supervision and/or guidance during these days. One primary focus of PCA Hybrid is  developing students to become more self-directed and take additional responsibility for their learning. This is often referred to as student agency.